Although it does not measure more than 42 centimeters, this small migratory bird manages to cross the entire American continent, from the southern lands of Chile to Canada. And it is that the Hudsonian Godwit prepares for a long time to reach its destination confidently after going over more than 30 thousand kilometers, passing through several ecosystems and climates including swamps and huge beaches.

This is how the Hudsonian Godwit inspires us, because like us immigrants, it lives a process that although it is not easy, guarantees its success during the trip, until its target in Canada.

A little bit
about me

Hi, I am Liliana Patricia Valdivieso Cervera, Latin American and immigrant. I was born in Colombia and lived in Venezuela until I decided to explore new horizons in Canada where I live with my family.

I have more than 15 years of experience in Settlement & integration, employment, and career development. I have worked with international organizations like United Nations, and I have been assigned to several positions at all government levels including the provincial government and programs funded by the Canadian federal government. My vast work experience has equipped me with the necessary tools to guide an immigration process holistically.

I know the Canadian immigration system from a legal point of view, and more importantly, from a human point of view. I know what it feels like to leave everything you have in search of a dream, what it means to explain in another language what you studied at university and what it takes to show that you have all the tools to develop professionally in any country in the world.

As a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, I have the responsibility to assist people from any country in the world to submit applications for temporary and permanent residence and to guarantee a process that is safe and trustworthy.

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Each of my clients receives comprehensive advice

which includes an evaluation of needs and an action plan.

Work Permits

Authorization to work temporarily in agriculture, construction, and tourism among other industries.

Labour Market Immigration Assessment (LMIA).

Support to employers interested in hiring temporary workers. The service includes the submission of the work permit for the selected candidates.

Study Permits

Advice in the process to request study permits for international applicants. I am familiar with university processes for the selection of candidates, and the diverse qualification assessment services.

Express Entry

Comprehensive advice on this electronic system that allows the processing of an immigration file in a period of one year or less, as per the applicant’s profile. The selected candidates receive an invitation to apply for permanent residency.

Family Reunification

Advice in the process to sponsor direct family members (parents & grandparents, children, spouses, and common-law partners).


The program has been designed for candidates with relevant experience in cultural and athletic activities. Writers, artists, musicians, creative designers, athletes, and coaches can apply, among other professionals.

H&C and Refuge

Humanitarian and Compassionate applications refer to cases that need to request an exemption from a rule under the Canadian Immigration law and regulations. These are very special processes to assist applicants that are not eligible for any of the Canadian immigration categories.

The candidates soliciting refuge are requesting special protection from the Canadian government because they have been affected by persecution related to their race, religion, nationality, social group, or political opinion.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Lao – Tsé

How does the process work?

Simple and Safe

Step 1

Contact me to book an appointment


Receive a detailed immigration profile


Decide which program is right for you

Step 4

Leave it to me to represent you professionally and timely before the Canadian immigration authorities

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Get in touch with me to chat about your immigration interest and the main factors that will help you to plan your immigration process.

We will assess in detail your personal and family needs (labor market, career development opportunities, adaptability, and financial ability).

Liliana Valdivieso

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

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